5 Ways to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage

5 Ways to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage

1. Lock down your service door. Many garages have a separate door on the side of the garage that leads directly into it. Even though this door tends to be behind a fence or gate, you should always take extra precautions to ensure that nobody can get in through that way. Equip it with a dead-bolt as soon as you can, and keep it locked when you are not using that door. You can also install a heavy duty stike plate to help prevent forced break-ins.

2. Keep your home entry door locked and bolted. Once the burglar gets into your garage, unless you keep the inside door locked, they will easily have access to the rest of your home. Make sure you bolt and lock the door that leads from your garage to the inside of your home just in case the service door fails.

3. Keep your windows covered. If your garage has windows, these can be one of the easiest entry points into your home. They can also be used to gauge what is inside of your garage and decide whether or not they should break in. If you cover your windows, they will be difficult for the burglar to see at night, and they will not be able to view the things inside of your garage.

4. Add security lights. Many online and local retailers offer affordable motion-detecting security lights that are very bright and deterring. You can set them up outside and inside of your garage so that if a burlar goes anywhere near it, they will be lit up with a spotlight. This will usually make them run away to avoid being seen.

5. Have a security system installed. A home security system can be a great way to prevent burglars from getting all the way into your home. If the break a window or force a door open, then your alarm will go off loudly, prompting the security company to call the police. The burglars know this, and most of the time they will take off if an alarm begins to go off.

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