Maintaining Your Garage Door Security

Maintaining Your Garage Door Security

There have been an unusually large amount of garage related break-ins within recent years, and a lot of local police forces are beginning to warn citizens of the problem. Many burglars are targeting garages because they can be broken into with minimal effort, unless you take the proper security measures. With a properly secured garage, you definitely will not have to worry about this newly popular entry point into your home.

First you should understand why thieves are often targeting garages besides the fact that they are easier to break in to. Many families will actually keep valuable items in their garages, such as family keepsakes, jewelry and holiday gifts. Burglars know this, and are often hoping to get in and out of your garage with enough stuff to make it worth their while. They also understand that many homeowners neglect to enhance the security of their garage door, so they know it will be an easy target a higher percentage of the time.

Before you try the below technique, make sure that you check with your garage door opener manufacturer to ensure that it will not hinder the main function of the device.

Garage Door Stoppers

These are a good visible deterrent to any intruder hoping to get into your garage. If you have an up and over garage door, then you can use this technique on top of your normal garage door lock to provide an extra layer of security on your garage door. The homeowner would drill the base of the defender into the ground, and use a padlock to secure it tightly. Make sure that the concrete in your garage is deep enough to accomodate this product, or you may have problems with it moving or being able to come out of the ground.

Garage Door Bolt Locks

Garage door bolt locks can be found nearly anywhere. Just walk into any hardware store and ask your nearest customer service agent or clerk to help you find where the garage door lock section is. Locking garage door bolts are great for adding another layer of security on top of your home security system. You just fit the bolts to each side of the door and shoot vertically into the ground to secure the door to the floor.

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