Asec Garage Door Bolt Locking Kit

Asec Garage Door Bolt Locking Kit

If you are looking for a way to keep your garage secure from intruders just being able to lift it open, then there are a few different options that you could try. The main option I will be discussing today is a bolt locking kit. This is used to bolt lock your garage door to secure access from anybody simply trying to turn the handle and lift up the door. Once they get into your garage, its only a matter of time until they get into your home, so it is important to keep it just as secure as every other entry into the home.

One of the garage door bolts that the Garage Door Lock blog recommends is the Asec Garage Door Bolt Locking Kit. Whether you purchase this kit directly from the retailer or from a third party source like Amazon, it will contain everything you need to fit this mechanism onto your garage door with ease. Many of the other garage door locks on the market can easily be manipulated by burglars. They will bend it, break it or force it open with just a couple of tools. This bolt lock will prevent most of those techniques from working. Always make sure you have a backup security system just in case they can still get in.

This garage door lock and bolt kit comes with the following:
– 2 working locks
– 3 keys that work with the locks
– Security escutcheons for extra protection
– Locating tubes
– Additional security fixings

The great thing about this lock is that it can be used in conjunction with nearly any other lock on the market. With the right combination, you can have a nearly 100% secure garage door.

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